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I LOVE getting our family pictures taken. Ok, maybe I don’t love getting them taken, but I LOVE getting them back. I love my sweet little family and nothing makes me happier than hanging our pictures up on my walls. I also think it gives me a chance to understand what my clients go through. The stress of finding the right clothes, especially being pregnant, was definitely a challenge. And then praying your kids cooperate so you can get those pictures you want. I understand how stressful it truly can be! But I also know the reward is SO worth it.
My lifelong friend, and AMAZING photographer Jill Thomas took them for us this year. I wasn’t planning on taking family pictures until the baby came, but when I saw she was visiting over Thanksgiving and taking sessions I had to jump on it. She is amazing and I adore what she captured. I can’t wait to get them up on my walls!!!

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I posted a sneak peek of this family a few weeks ago and wanted to post the rest of their beautiful pictures. We took their family pictures here in Tucson at a local resort. It was a beautiful day and we got some gorgeous pictures. I have worked with this family since my first year here in Tucson, and love seeing them every year!

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I got to work with this adorable couple this week. They have been married for several years and are BOTH graduating this month from Tucson U of A from the same program. How much fun is that? I love the idea of studying together, schooling together and then heading off into the same profession. They have an adorable little daughter who came along for some family pictures. You could tell they are so excited to graduate after a long 4 years, I’m thrilled for them and know they have bright futures in store! Here is a sneak peek of some of our pictures together, I will post more soon!

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You should definitely recognize this adorable family by now. I have had the chance to photograph them several times and just love working with them. This time we met at a Tucson Country Club for their family Christmas pictures and their babies 6 month photographs. The girls are so well behaved, they did fabulous.

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I had the privilege to photograph this beautiful family at their home here in Tucson last week. Several of them were visiting Tucson from out of town for Thanksgiving and they wanted to get pictures since they aren’t together as often as they wish. To say I had fun with this family is an understatement, they are the most lively group I have photographed in a long time. We laughed a lot and had lots of fun! There is definitely a lot of love in this group, they were so great to work with!

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I posted two posts already of Eric and Kauren’s wedding but wanted to post some reception pictures. I always love wedding receptions, they are so fun. It is where the bride and groom let loose, and the guests get to have fun! Kauren did an amazing job with her reception decor, it was gorgeous. The reception was up in the pines and was just incredible!

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I have been photographing this beautiful family for 4 years now! I just love when my repeat clients book me each year, it’s so fun to catch up and see how much the kids have grown! We had a great time at Loews Ventana here in Tucson, it’s such a beautiful resort. If you haven’t been you need to check it out, you wont be disappointed.

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The worst thing about photographing weddings is how long the brides have to wait to get their images. With a family or senior session, my editing turn around is 7-14 days so they get the satisfaction of seeing their images quickly. But of course with weddings, we take so many photographs that it takes 6-8 weeks for the bride and groom to finally see all their beautiful pictures. My couples have to wait patiently to see their pictures from their day and I know it’s not the easiest thing. So when I saw that Lynsey posted on facebook that she can’t stop looking at her sneak peek, I had to post more for her so she had some new photographs to look at! So here is part two of their amazing wedding. I haven’t edited reception photographs yet so don’t worry, there will be another blog post for the party pictures!

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