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I know, I know, I am ALWAYS posting pictures of my adorable nieces and nephews. I have 14 of them and so they are bound to show their beautiful faces on my blog every now and then. Meet my newest nephew, baby Ledger. This baby proved to me that my sister is the toughest of us all. He came out a whopping 11 pounds, 23 inches. I think that automatically puts my sister in saint status, don’t you? I wasn’t able to get to Phoenix to take his pictures until he was 5 weeks, but he’s still a sweet newborn and is such a happy baby. He is a complete doll and his sisters sure love him!

tucson baby photographer

Final Post C Family

July 8, 2014

This sweet girl turned one and we wanted to take one year pictures and family pictures here in Tucson for her Birthday. She is such a doll and was so cooperative!
tucson family photographer

I have waited way to long to post this gorgeous senior girls final pictures. She was so incredible to work with and is just a natural beauty. I had so much fun with her, I’m so glad to have all these wonderful seniors I get to work with in Tucson.

tucson senior photographer

I got to photograph another adorable newborn yesterday. I love that I have so many babies that I get to photograph, they are the sweetest. We met here at their home in Tucson. I love doing newborn pictures in my clients home because it adds so much personalization to the photos. Big brother and big sister were so good with their new baby brother, they just love him. I had a great time with them and look forward to going back for 6 month pictures!

tucson newborn photographs

Look who I got to work with this week? Isn’t she such a doll? This is the 3rd adorable girl to come into this beautiful family. We took newborn pictures at their home here in Tucson and I just loved it, she was such a beautiful baby!

tucson newborn photographer

I had so much fun photographing this gorgeous couple in Tucson last month. They are so excited about the arrival of their newborn in the next little while. I love working with first time parents, there is so much excitement in the air! I will be photographing their new baby girl when she arrives so stay tuned for pictures of her!!!

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My little boy turned 6 last week, I swear time just flies so so fast. We had a great day celebrating with family and his little best friend. Someone teach me the trick to get my kids to stop growing, I’m not sure I can handle it anymore!

tucson family birthday party pictures

Now continue onto my talented friend Jule’s blog to see her post this month! Jules Trandem | San Diego Photographer

You probably recognize this beautiful family on my blog, they have been on here plenty of times and I love every time I get to take their pictures. We went to the Barrio here in Tucson this year for their family pictures, it didn’t disappoint! I will post the rest soon, we got some beautiful family pictures!

tucson family favorite pictures

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