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I got to photograph all of my gorgeous siblings and their families over Thanksgiving break. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is the fact that I get to photograph my beautiful nieces and nephews as often as I want! This is my youngest sister and her husband and daughter. Although we were several years apart, we have grown so close as we have gotten older. I’m so SO lucky to have 4 amazing sisters, how many people can say that? They are each amazing and I love them all!!

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I have had the privilege of photographing this adorable family several times. They hired me for their Christmas pictures last year and then had another sweet baby so I was able to take their newborn pictures. We met up last week here in downtown Tucson for their family pictures and baby’s 6 month pictures. He has gotten so big and in so adorable. He is the best little baby!

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We had our 8th annual New Years party a couple weeks ago up in Phoenix. If you have been a long follower of my blog, you know this is something we look forward to every year. We all go my brothers house to ring in the new year with many of the same traditions that have gone on for 8 years, and some new ones. One thing that has changed is the family has grown, we are up to 17 grand kids now!! I promise it is never quiet when we are all together, but always so fun.
We had a great night filled with the annual polar bear swim (which was rainy and cold this year, big props to those who did it), fireworks, white elephant exchange, and of course lots of good food and laughs. And a big surprise this year, SNOW!!! It never snows up in the valley so the kids were SO excited. I just love my family, New Years truly is one of my favorite holiday’s we spend together!
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Now continue the circle to my talented friend, Kara May’s, blog to see her post this month!

We had an amazing Christmas this year here in Tucson. The best part? Lots of my family came down to us in Tucson so we got family and got to stay home. Two of mys sisters and their families and my parents came to visit and stay a few nights. It was so fun to have so much family to celebrate with and the kids loved it. In our family we have a tradition of opening one gift at a time so everyone can see each others gifts. Well as you can imagine, Christmas unwrapping was a little longer than usual, but I would have it no other way. I love the magic of watching everyone’s excitement as gifts are opened! We spent the rest of the day building lego sets, outdoors with our toys, and just spending time together. I’m already looking forward to Christmas 2015!

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With it being the end of another year I am trying to catch up on my blogging and make sure it is all done for the year. I just looked back and realized I never posted all of Ashtyn’s one year old pictures. And because I am her biased aunt, I had to make sure they got on here!!!
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Here is a final post of pictures from myrChristmas session with the S family. Their baby is 6 months old and they have my baby plan package so they were doing 6 month and family pictures at the same time. We took these beautiful pictures at a country club here in Tucson, it was the perfect spot for their family!

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I LOVE getting our family pictures taken. Ok, maybe I don’t love getting them taken, but I LOVE getting them back. I love my sweet little family and nothing makes me happier than hanging our pictures up on my walls. I also think it gives me a chance to understand what my clients go through. The stress of finding the right clothes, especially being pregnant, was definitely a challenge. And then praying your kids cooperate so you can get those pictures you want. I understand how stressful it truly can be! But I also know the reward is SO worth it.
My lifelong friend, and AMAZING photographer Jill Thomas took them for us this year. I wasn’t planning on taking family pictures until the baby came, but when I saw she was visiting over Thanksgiving and taking sessions I had to jump on it. She is amazing and I adore what she captured. I can’t wait to get them up on my walls!!!

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I posted a sneak peek of this family a few weeks ago and wanted to post the rest of their beautiful pictures. We took their family pictures here in Tucson at a local resort. It was a beautiful day and we got some gorgeous pictures. I have worked with this family since my first year here in Tucson, and love seeing them every year!

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