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Is this not the cutest little 4 month old baby you have ever seen? I know I’m a little biased, after all she is my flesh and blood. But come one, she’s just adorable right? She keeps us busy and I definitely can’t seem to find as much time to do things in my day, but oh how we all love this little face. Our summer has been busy with swim and softball. But now that sports are over, and Tucson has been rather warm (as you can imagine), we have been enjoying the air conditioned home snuggling this baby all day long.

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I’m sure you recognize this adorable family by now. They are some of my most faithful (and favorite) clients. They purchased my one year plan when their 3rd child was born so we have been together a lot this past year. And trust me I’m not complaining, they are the cutest little family of girls, I just love working with them. They recently moved into a new home here in Tucson so we met at their new house to take their pictures. It was the perfect backdrop for family and one year old photographs. I’m thrilled with the pictures we got, I will post more soon!

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I loved photographing this beautiful family in downtown Tucson. The Barrio area is such a fun area to take pictures because of all the bright colors and amazing homes. The colors are just the perfect backdrop for great pictures. I am always thrilled when my clients chose downtown Tucson for their location because I know we will get some amazing shots down there. This Mom sure loves her 3 kids, we got some beautiful pictures!
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Here’s a final post of some of my favorite clients. I’m so glad that even though they moved to Gilbert, they hired me to take their pictures again this year. I’m sad they aren’t in Tucson anymore but so glad I still get to see them. I look forward to our next session together!
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Guess who came to Tucson to visit, my adorable little niece. I love this two year old so much, she has so much spunk and personality. We love when she comes to visit because my two year old loves her cousin to death and is so sad when she has to go. She is growing so fast, I hate how quickly time flies! One of the perks to my job is that I get to photograph all my beautiful nieces and nephews!
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I am a month late but I had to post some of these adorable 3 month old pictures. And the little two year old princess decided she needed a picture too, and luckily she is pretty cute!!

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I photographed this beautiful family at El Conquistador Resort here in Tucson last weekend. Aren’t they such gorgeous girls? I loved working with them, it reminded me so much of the wonderful relationships I have with my sisters. And of course allowed me to look forward to the awesome relationships my 3 daughters will have with one another, there is nothing quite like a sister. Just in the short amount of time I spent with this family I could tell just how much love and respect they have for one another.

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I had so much fun photographing several University of Arizona graduates this year. They have all been such remarkable girls with bright futures. I know they are so excited to be done with this chapter of their lives and move on to the next!

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