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I had to post the final pictures of this beautiful family. Their daughter is just a doll, she is such a beautiful baby. And I loved going to their house for pictures because it made their pictures that much more personal and unique. Dad is a pilot so they wanted a picture in his helmet, and then they had the adorable banner with her name which I just loved. I know from personal experience that it’s so nice to have people come to you after you have a baby so you don’t have to leave the house, newborn lifestyle pictures are so perfect.

tucson lifestyle newborn baby photographs

I photographed this beautiful girl this past weekend here in Tucson. We had a great session together, she comes from an amazing family and has a great future in store for her! I will post more later but I wanted to post a quick sneak peek for her to see!

tucson senior at resort

We have been so lucky since moving to Tucson to make some pretty amazing friends. We are so grateful for good friendships, they are like food for the soul. This family is one of those families that we are so lucky to call our dear friends. They are some of the most genuine, hospitable, and gracious people we know. I got to photograph them last week in their home and around their neighborhood here in Tucson. We had a great time together, I will post more of them soon!

tucson park family photographs

I wanted to post a final post of this beautiful family. I took their pictures in the Barrio area here in Tucson. We had a blast together, they are such an adorable family!

tucson family outdoor pictures

This past month has been a busy one filled with lots of fun, including my oldest turning 10. I can’t believe my daughter is double digits now! I don’t know if I’m more surprised at how old she is or how old I am! Life just goes by way to fast, we have really been trying to slow down and enjoy every minute with our kids. We have been enjoying our nice Tucson weather at night. It’s still warm but cools down enough to go outside and enjoy our backyard. We are back in the full swing of school and staying busy, it has been a great month!

family pictures tucson

tucson photographs of children and families

Now continue the circle to the talented Ashley Jennett’s website with “The Stork and the Beanstalk” to see her month!!

My sister came to visit last week with my adorable nieces. And of course they can’t come to Tucson without being in front of my camera!!! Aren’t they so cute?? The kids had so much fun together!

tucson children's photographer

Look at this beautiful little girl I photographed this week? All that hair, I swear she is just gorgeous. We did maternity pictures a few months ago and have been anxiously waiting for her arrival. They are such a beautiful family, I am so glad I was able to capture such a wonderful time in their lives!

tucson newborn baby pictures

I know, I know, I am ALWAYS posting pictures of my adorable nieces and nephews. I have 14 of them and so they are bound to show their beautiful faces on my blog every now and then. Meet my newest nephew, baby Ledger. This baby proved to me that my sister is the toughest of us all. He came out a whopping 11 pounds, 23 inches. I think that automatically puts my sister in saint status, don’t you? I wasn’t able to get to Phoenix to take his pictures until he was 5 weeks, but he’s still a sweet newborn and is such a happy baby. He is a complete doll and his sisters sure love him!

tucson baby photographer

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