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I try to post a family picture every month, whether in our monthly lifestyle post or another post. So here I am in April to post our family picture. I have not been the best at taking family pictures in the past so this year my goal was to be better. And so far I have done just that. I know people often think, I will wait until I lose weight, or we have more money, or I get a new haircut, but there really never will be a perfect time for a family photo. You don’t have to hire a professional to add those photographs to your memories, you just have to pull out your camera and snap a picture. I always set my family up first and then put my camera on 10 second timer and run and jump in the photo. It’s not always the easiest to get my 3 year old to look at the camera, so this time I had one of his spider man toys on the camera taking the picture for us, he got a kick out of that as you can tell by his huge grin. I am so grateful for these people in my life. My family is what keeps me sane, they are my loves!
tucson family photographer
There will definitely be more family pictures in the future for us, how about you?

8 Responses to “Just Us April | Tucson Family Photographer”

  1. Whitney says:

    LOVE this picture. You guys all look great and Carter’s smile is awesome.

  2. beautiful family. xoxoxox

  3. Jasmine says:

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see another in the mix!

  4. Look at you all looking so lovely – beautiful picture – love the spiderman trick too!!

  5. Hellooooo, gorgeous family of four! That is for now….soon you’ll be holding a little bundle in that family picture! 😉 LOVE your spiderman idea!!!!!!!

  6. aubry says:

    what a perfect picture. steph, i miss ya, girl! love that sweet family of yours.

  7. jules says:

    you all look gorgeous! beautiful family! spiderman did an awesome job!

  8. shannon says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous family xoxo

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