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It’s now week 3 of our new 26 week project. If you haven’t been following our new project, this year we have decided to do 26 weeks instead of 52. It allows us to be a little more creative and have more time for each post. Last week our technique was unique lighting and our theme was “lets get close” and you can see my image here.
For the month of February, our technique is video or cinematograph. Cinematograph is taking a still picture, and adding some living elements to it. Our theme this week is “the people who keep me sane“. Although there are MANY moments when my kids drive me bonkers, it is moments when they are sleeping that I realize they are really who keep me sane. My family is what I live for and after moving so much the last 7 years, I would of never stayed sane without them. So I used a picture of my son sleeping for this weeks theme. I wanted to do a cinematograph but I do not have video quality of my SLR camera. SO I had to use the video on my point and shoot. Luckily I was able to make it work, but that is why my picture quality is so poor on the video. It’s not a stunning example of a cinematograph, but you get the idea. If you haven’t seen cinematograph before, you must check it out at this website. It truly is an amazing way of photography. Please continue going through the circle because there are some girls who really did an amazing job this week with cinematograph!

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Here is a better picture of the two people who I adore and keep me going!

Now head over to my friend Kara’s site to see her image for this week. Kara May | Phoenix AZ Photographer

13 Responses to “Twenty-Six on Friday (week 3) | Tucson Children’s Photographer, Phoenix Children’s Photographer”

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  2. Kara May says:

    Super cute Stephanie! You did a great job with the cinemagraph. It wasn’t easy I tell ya. Awesome you had a cooperative sleeping subject (maybe I should try that next time lol). Great movement on the pillowcase 🙂 Love the image of the two of them below too.

  3. Jasmine says:

    Love this Steph! So cool!

  4. Amy C says:

    This is so cool! And that link is pretty amazing. some of them are almost creepy though! LOL!

  5. Mrs. Fun says:

    I love this!! So cute. So peaceful when they are sleeping.

  6. hope says:

    really cool steph!

  7. Nicely done Stephanie!!

  8. breeze says:

    Perfect Steph!!

  9. Love this, Stephanie. It is so peaceful and I can almost hear the fan blowing. I adore the last shot of them hugging. <3

  10. what a nice breeze coming through the window. your two munchkins have a special place in my heart too. awesome job this week.

  11. Phoebe says:

    ADORABLE! Sibling love 🙂

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