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Fifty-Two on Friday (Week 39) | Tucson Kids and Children’s Photographer

It’s week 39 of our fifty-two week project. I can’t believe it’s almost October. Our theme this week is ruffles. Of course I knew I wanted to involve a cute little girl with this week’s theme. Well luckily my sister came to visit and brought my adorable little niece with her. We dressed her in a cute ruffle outfit and took her out for a picture session. I am so glad to be back in Arizona close to my family so I can see my sweet nieces and nephews more!!!
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Now head over to my talented friend Gina’s site to see her ruffles! Gina Oh|San Luis Obispo Photographer

Baby Kaden|Phoenix Newborn Baby Photographer

I got to work with another newborn this past weekend. I just posted a sneak peek of newborn baby Tate I photographed in Tucson earlier this month. Then I had the chance to photograph this new baby last weekend in Phoenix. He is almost a month old, so a little older than most newborns I work with, but the session went great. His parents were so great to work with, I am so lucky to have such great clients. This sweet baby is a big blessing in their lives and I am so grateful that they trusted me to take his newborn pictures. I am posting a sneak peek for them and will come back later and post the rest.

family photograph in phoenixbaby feet newborn phoenix kadensweet baby kaden phoenixnewborn kaden in phoenix

If you are wanting newborn pictures done in the Phoenix or Tucson areas, the best time to contact is while you are still pregnant. We will set up a tentative date and then stay in touch until you deliver. The ideal time to photograph a newborn baby is between 5 and 10 days. We can still get some great pictures once they are a little older but they are a lot easy to work with when they are young and still so sleepy!

What The Great Outdoors Looks Like |Tucson and Phoenix Family Photographer

This is our second month of our new project, what___ looks like. If want more information on this project, go back to our original post and read all about it! We have a wonderful group of 12 talented photographer’s, so please be sure to make the round after looking through my post.
Last month I chose to photograph what moving looks like. Well now that we are all settled in, we have been checking out fun things to do in Tucson. We had heard all about Mount Lemmon and so we wanted to check it out ourselves. We headed up to the top of the mountain a couple Saturday’s ago and had so much fun. We packed lunches and ate lunch and then hiked around. The highlight of the trip was finding 3 horny toads. My son would not let the go the whole time, I felt quite bad for those horny toads. We also found a creek that the kids loved playing in. We got nice and dirty and had a great afternoon just exploring. We have since gone back for another day on the mountain. I have a feeling it will be something we do several more times while we are here in Tucson.

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Now head over to Andee’s blog to see what she chose to photograph this month! Andee Tate|Utah Photographer

Fifty-Two on Friday(Week 38)|Tucson AZ Photographer

It’s Friday so it’s time for another 52 week project post. This week our theme is vintage. I love vintage clothing and especially that it is coming back in style. I wish I had more vintage clothing, I think it’s so timeless and classic. Vintage has really made a big appearance in the photography world, and I love it. This week I was trying to think of how I wanted to use the word vintage. I thought of Florabella Vintage actions which I adore. And how as photographers we can edit a picture to make it look more vintage. Shana, who creates Florabella actions, has the most beautiful vintage flower pictures. I decided to head to Trader Joes to get some flowers and take some pictures and give them a “vintage” edit.
tucson az photographer
Now head over to Gina’s blog to check out her vintage picture. Gina Maxine|San Luis Obispo Photographer

Featured on The Lens Loves | Tucson AZ Family Photographer

I was beyond flattered when the amazing Drew B contacted me and asked if she could feature one of my sessions on her blog, The Lens Loves. I have always followed her work and been a huge fan, so I was thrilled to be featured. Head over to the blog to see my feature here. Here’s a picture from the session that she featured!tucson az photographer
I am so grateful to be a part of the photography community and to be inspired by so much talent!

Family Summer Fun |Tucson Family Photographer

When we made the move cross country this summer to Arizona, we stayed at my parents for a few weeks before heading to Tucson. We had so much fun playing with cousins. It had been a year since we had seen everyone so we had lots of time to make up for. I love my sweet nieces and nephews, they are so cute. I am sure you will recognize some of their faces from previous pictures. Here are some pictures from fun moments we had together, unfortunately not all of the kids are pictured here but I will get them all on here soon!
tucson az children's photographertucson az kids photographertucson children's photographerchildren's photographer in tucson azbaby photographer in tucsonkids tucson az photographer
I am so glad to have family close by again!

Made Me Smile |Tucson Baby and Newborn Photographer

I have been editing baby Tate’s newborn session this past week and came across this photo. I love capturing real moments with my clients and I just had to laugh when I saw this one. Tate was done at this point when we tried to get a picture of him with his big brother. I do feel awful that he is so upset, but my favorite part is the look on his brothers face. He is looking over at him with this cute little smirk. It made me smile so I just had to share.
tucson az newborn baby pictures tate
I will post the rest of the session next week but for now I just wanted to make you smile!

Fifty-Two on Friday (Week 37)|Tucson AZ Children’s Photographer

This week for our fifty two week project the theme was dessert. I knew I wanted to use my kids for the pictures so I tried to think of something fun for them to eat. We are pretty strict about what we eat at our house. Our desserts I make typically don’t have any cane sugar in them and are more healthy so I knew if I got something full of sugar they would be in heaven. I bought powdered donut holes and we went to the park to eat them. They were so excited when they saw them. They had so much fun making a mess of them and wiping them all over their faces and each others faces. tucson az children's photographer
Now head over to Gina’s blog to see her yummy dessert! Gina Maxine |San Luis Obispo Photographer

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