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Fifty-Two on Friday Week 30|Tucson Photographer

It’s still summertime and I love that our project is filled with summer themes. We have had free, summer, fruit, and now this week our theme is bright colors. Once fall and winter come it’s all about neutral colors, but during the summertime, the brighter the better. I love bright colors, they make me so happy. In the photography world, we are taught that pictures should be in focus. I am all about breaking rules and have found that sometimes an out of focus picture makes more of a statement than one in focus. I love the blur that comes off these crayons, it’s so bright!
tucson photographer in arizona
Now head over to Wendy’s site to see her bright picture! Wendy Vonsosen|Bay Area Photographer

Gorgeous Wedding|Tucson Wedding Photographer

I had the chance to photograph this gorgeous Wedding before I left Memphis. The couple was beautiful and so great to work with. The Wedding was done at the Immaculate Conception Church in Memphis. Then after the ceremony we headed over to the Dixon Gardens for a gorgeous reception. Everything about the day was perfect. Each detail was gorgeous and the Bride looked absolutely beautiful on her special day. I love watching the whole Wedding day come together beautifully after so much planning and preparation.
bride and groom tucson aztucson wedding photographer
tucson az wedding photographer
tucson wedding ceremony pictures
tucson gardens wedding photographer
I wish you both the best of luck in your beautiful life together!

Good Old Fun|Phoenix Family Photographer

You will probably recognize the backyard in this families pictures. They have so willingly let me use their gorgeous property for other sessions I have done. I even photographed my children here which you will see in a future post soon. So I was thrilled when I finally had the chance to photograph them on their own property. I think it adds a whole new personal touch when you take your family pictures at your house. Everyone always thinks their house isn’t good enough, big enough, pretty enough, but I promise you will be surprised how great it looks in pictures. I love doing home sessions, I can capture interactions at home that can’t be caught anywhere else. They wanted to include their dog in a couple pictures which I loved. I thought it added that perfect “complete family” feel to their photos. And their old truck was just a bonus, it was the perfect addition to our pictures. This was the ideal session. Gorgeous family, beautiful home and perfect interactions!
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Thanks so much for letting me use your gorgeous property so many times, It is going to be missed when I am in Tucson!

Working With Models | Phoenix Senior Photographer

You might remember gorgeous Hannah from her sneak peak at the beginning of this month. She was so fabulous to work with and I’m ecstatic about how our images turned out. I love working with clothing stylists and hair dressers to make the whole shoot come together perfectly. Each of her outfits went perfect with the location and what we had in mind. And her hair was just amazing, I loved the messy fun look of it. Thanks to everyone who made this shoot happen, it worked beautifully. And especially thanks to our gorgeous model Hannah for being such a trooper!

Lisa Thomas – Fashion Stylist
Leslie Milne- Hair Stylist
Hannah – Model from ETA

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I will definitely be finding more opportunities to work with models in Phoenix and Tucson, it is ideal!

Fifty-Two on Friday Week 29|Phoenix Children’s Photographer

It’s time for our project 52! It’s week 29 and our theme this week is fruit. I think this weeks theme goes perfect with last weeks theme of summer. Whenever I think of summer I think of fruit. I love summertime because we get to eat all the delicious strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries and so much more. We love fruit in our house so we are constantly eating it. I am so grateful for the farmers market. We love supporting our local farmers and eating their pesticide free fruit. It is the highlight of our summer. I look forward to finding a farmers market in Tucson that I can shop at! Thanks to my daughter for helping with my fruit themed project this week!
phoenix children's photographer
Now head over to my talented friend Wendy’s site. Wendy VonSosen|Bay Area Photographer

Meetup Images | Tucson Children’s Photographer

Before we left Memphis, I got to meet up with some awesome girls from the Bloom Forum. We had so much fun photographing each others kids and just talking photography. Afterwards we met up for lunch where we talked and laughed some more. I am so glad I got to meet some new faces and see some familiar ones again before I moved. I am super excited because at the end of July, we are having a Bloom meet up in Arizona so I can meet some new photographer’s from out west.
tucson children's photographertucson children's photographerchildren's photographer in tucsonchildren's best photographer in tucsontucson children's photographertucson child photographer
Aren’t theses kids beautiful? I will post some after our AZ meetup too!!

My Loves |Tucson Family Photographer

I am constantly photographing my daughter, because she is so easy behind the camera. But it is rare that I get a good photograph of my son. I must say though, with a little bribery, he did excellent at our latest photo session. I took them to the dollar store and told them both to pick out something they could have if they did good for their pictures ( I know I am so cheap). Well he picked out some plastic bugs that he was so excited about. He would not stop asking me all day when he was going to get his picture taken so he could get his bugs. I must say the bugs were a success. He allowed me to photograph him and actually let his sister touch him every once in a while. I was so happy when I got this picture, I love the look on my daughter’s face, it’s so sweet. Our friends in Memphis let us use their old truck to photograph on. I will post more from this session soon but here is a teaser for my family!
phoenix photographs of children
I am so grateful my kids like cheap bribery, I couldn’t imagine if I had to pay them real money!!

Fifty-Two on Friday Week 28|Tucson AZ Photographer

It’s week 28 on our Fifty-Two on Friday project! This week our theme is summer. So many different ideas came to my mind when I thought of summer. First of all summer makes me think of school being out. I love having my daughter home with me and not having to worry about her during the day. And she loves being home and playing all summer long. I remember as a kid how cool summer vacation was, I never wanted it to end! I also thought about all the yummy fruit in the summer time, and the endless hours in the pool. Popsicles make me think of childhood summers, there are so many wonderful things in the summertime. But nothing says summertime like a field of growing flowers. I love driving by a field of sunflowers, they are so beautiful. It’s so awesome to watch them open to the sun and the way they follow it. When I saw this field it put a huge smile on my face, isn’t it gorgeous! One day I want my very own sunflower field in the summertime!
tucson az photographer
tucson photographer project 52
Now head over to my gorgeous friend Wendy’s site! Wendy Vonsosen|Bay Area Photographer

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