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E Family Sneak Peek |Family Photographer Tucson AZ

I had the chance to photograph this adorable family last week. Kara Jo is a local photographer in the Memphis area. When I first moved to Memphis, I contacted Kara and we met up. We have since become friends and I love bouncing ideas off of her. We will often go out and take pictures together or help each other with sessions. I am going to miss her a ton when I move to Tucson this summer. I was beyond flattered when Kara asked me if I would take pictures of her adorable family. I know I have said it before, but I just adore doing session’s with photographer’s families, and am so happy when they trust me to photograph them. They always know how to dress and are open to fun ideas. If you follow my blog, you know I love to catch interactive pictures and not much posing. We were able to catch some beautiful real moments with this family, it was an awesome session!
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I am only in Memphis for 7 more weeks and then headed out to Tucson. If you are looking for someone in the Memphis area to take your pictures, then you definitely have to check out Kara Jo.

Fifty-Two on Friday (Week 21)|Tucson AZ Photographer

This week was another tough theme. Our theme was to photograph a stranger. I am a total extrovert and very outgoing, but this was still out of my comfort zone to ask someone I don’t know to take their picture.
We love going to the Farmer’s Market every week. I love it because I am a big believer in eating a lot of organic raw foods, but even more, we love supporting our local farmer’s. I know they work hard to grow some amazing produce, so I jump at the opportunity to support them and appreciate their hard work so that I can eat clean. Unfortunately, because of the flooding, our market is very slim this year. I was told that most of the crops flooded so the farmer’s are having to replant and start new. That must of been so devastating for many of them, so I try to support the little they do have. For those of you who live in Memphis, there is a man who sells his produce every day on the Collierville Square. He brings it in his big white van and sits outside day after day selling his produce. His has some great stuff but let me tell you, his watermelon is to die for. He is the sweetest man and I love being able to support him. When I asked if I could take his picture, he sat down in his chair he brings with him and talked to me for a while. I highly encourage anyone in the Memphis area to go down to the square and support him and our other local farmers. He is on the square day after day, but the market is Thursday’s at the Methodist Church off Poplar past Walmart.
Tucson AZ Photographer
Now head over to Aubry’s blog to see her photograph of a stranger. Aubry Startin|AZ Wedding Photographer
If you want to check out some past 52 week projects, here are a few of my favorite’s. Broken, Album Cover and, Texture

Twice The Love |Tucson Newborn Photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph these adorable twin newborn boys and their family. They were the sweetest little babies ever. They are identical twins but one of them weighed 2 pounds more than the other so it was fun to see their size difference. They have the best older sister ever. She was so sweet with the boys and always wanted to be by them. Doing newborn photography sessions always makes me a little baby hungry. I think twins are just the sweetest things ever, but I know they are lots of hard work! I am looking forward to the newborn sessions I have booked already in Tucson.
We did a lifestyle type newborn session. Those are my favorite sessions and you will be seeing more of this newborn style on my blog now! Just a warning, if you are done having babies, you might not want to look because your ovaries will flutter a little bit!
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Thanks so much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family. There was so much love in your home, I had a wonderful time. I know you have many fun years ahead of you with each other!

What to Wear Mother Daughter|Tucson Family Photographer

I constantly tell my clients that the most important aspect of their session is what they wear. When a Mom books a family session with me, she always immediately emails me and says “what is the best way to dress my family?” Luckily I have a PDF I send that tells my clients what to wear to their family session. It goes into details about prints and patterns and how to mix and match them. The reason my images are so colorful and have lots of contrast is because of the choices of clothing my clients make. I am there to help you out 100% of the way, I have even online shopped for my clients to reduce their stress!
Today’s What to Wear is a Mother and Daughter session idea. I love the summer dresses, they are perfect for summer’s in Memphis or Tucson. I am also a HUGE fan of cardigans and think they are great year round!
tucson family photographer
Let me know if I can help you in anyway with your upcoming session!!!

B Family Sneak Peek|Tucson Children and Family Photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family last week. Jay is a local photographer here in Memphis and also a grad student. Little Riley is just the cutest thing ever, she has the cutest little smiles. She was constantly laughing, she seriously is the best little girl! I had a great time with them. Here is a sneak peek of their session.
tucson family pictures btucson children's photographerfamily photographer in tucson azfamily pictures of tucson
I will be back to post some more of this adorable family next week!!

Fifty-Two on Friday (Week 20)| Tucson Children’s Photographer

It’s week 20 on our fifty-two week project. I can’t believe it has been 19 weeks since we started this project with our self portraits. We have had a lot of different themes, some harder than others. This week was definitely a difficult one. The theme was broken. I gave it a lot of thought and just couldn’t think of how I wanted to photograph this theme. Luckily my husband came up with a fun idea that we were able to build upon. My son LOVES to fix things. Unfortunately he usually is the one that breaks everything, but he is a boy so that is expected! He was so excited when we pulled out the tools for him to use. And then using them on Dad’s car was an added bonus. He was pretty proud of the work he was doing underneath the hood of that car.
tucson children's photographertucson kids photographertucson family photographertucson children's photographertucson family photographer
Now head over to the talented Aubry Startin’s site to see how she photographed broken. Startin Photo|AZ Wedding Photographer

C Family |Tucson Family Photographer

I had the chance to photograph this sweet family the other night. Their little man is about the same age as mine so I knew I would have to chase him around to get pictures! I am use to the 2 year old photographing routine with my little man! I was able to distract him enough to get some fun pictures of him and his family. I of course brought the pez dispensers, those work wonders with children! Their daughter is just as sweet as can be, she smiled constantly! They brought their favorite book, and some bubbles to blow, and we had a fun natural family session.
tucson family photographertucson children's photographertucson az family photographertucson az photographer
Thanks for hiring me to photograph your family pictures. Kids grow up so fast and I’m so grateful I have the chance to preserve memories!!!

Beautiful Wedding |Tucson Wedding Photographer

I had the chance to second shoot a wedding last weekend with my good friend Kara Jo. The ceremony was held at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Memphis. The wedding party was gorgeous and the ceremony was beautiful. After their ceremony, we headed over to the Dixon Gardens for a reception.
I am still sorting through the hundreds of pictures from the day, but I wanted to post a picture of the beautiful couple.
tucson wedding photographer
I will be back later to post some more pictures from their wonderful day!

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