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I photographed this little doll when she was a newborn and we met up again this weekend for 6 month pictures. She has grown so much but is still just as beautiful. And she was all smiles, she is so darn cute. We met at the Barrio area in downtown Tucson and got some great pictures with big sister and Mom. And if you can’t tell which ones big sister and which ones Mom, you aren’t alone. I swear Mom looks like a sister, what a beautiful bunch of girls!

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I photographed this beautiful senior girl last night here in downtown Tucson. We got some gorgeous pictures of her, I can’t wait to share more. Isn’t she just beautiful? She is equally as beautifully inside and out!
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gilbert senior pictures

gilbert senior photographer

I’m posting a sneak peek of this family I photographed here in Tucson over the weekend. We met at a park in their area and took some family pictures and lots of pictures of the kids. We got some beautiful photographs I am still editing, I will share more soon!
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I photographed this beautiful pregnant Mom and her family Saturday here in Tucson. They are such an adorable family and their little man is just adorable, he did great and we got some beautiful pictures of them and their soon to be family of four. I will post more soon and I am excited to take their newborn pictures next month so I will post those soon too.

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I realized I haven’t posted final pictures of this beautiful senior. I know this is major picture overload but I couldn’t help myself, we got so many great pictures. We did some outdoor locations and urban and also her house. It was such a great shoot and had so much fun.
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I photographed this beautiful senior girl this week in downtown Tucson and at the University of Tucson. I had such a great time working with her, she is so beautiful and such an amazing person. Her smile was infectious and I can tell she is friends to all she meets. I’m excited for the beautiful photographs we got, but lets be honest she was pretty easy to get beautiful pictures of!

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I photographed this cute family of girls last week. They are previous clients of mine who I photographed several years ago when they just had the one daughter. It was fun to see how much she had grown and meet the newest girls. We met at a park near their home here in Tucson for a morning session. The girls did great and we got some beautiful family and individual pictures of the whole crew. I’m so happy with what we got and so are Mom and Dad, it as a great session!

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I got some of the cutest pictures of my adorable nephew last time I was visiting. Isn’t he so dang cute? I love his little smile. We actually had a hard time getting him to smile because every time you try he scrunches his nose up and makes the funniest little face. I had to share one of the pictures so you could see just what I’m talking about. But we would only get a genuine real smile when a stranger walked by and smiled at him, luckily there were lots of people around! He’s just adorable, I love this little handsome boy!
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